What does a Digital Transformation Consultant do?


Why are Digital Transformation Consultants important for every company?

Digital Transformation is the buzzword for many companies that are trying to find the best way to adapt their businesses to the digital era. Leading business stakeholders are introducing innovational technologies and methods to improve their daily business and operating models. A mandatory step to compete in the future market and to satisfy every customer’s needs.

From the definition of a digital strategy to its execution and support, companies need to designate their digital transformation leaders and their team. Mostly Digital Transformation Consultants are in the role of helping and leading companies through changes in their business and operating model towards a successful future in the digital era. But what exactly are the tasks and challenges a Digital Transformation Consultant is facing?

What tasks do Digital Transformation Consultants have?

Throughout the journey of Digital Transformation, it is most important to define a valid strategy that is supporting the company’s vision and mission. By analyzing the current situation, understanding business problems and evaluating chances and risks the Consultant can help building a sustainable foundation for the digital transformation. In order to plan the execution and track the solution delivery the company and its Digital Transformation Team need to design a roadmap including important milestones of the transformation. This helps to prioritize initial tasks and create a first timeline of the journey.

With the defined strategy and the roadmap, the Digital Transformation Consultant is leading towards the execution in the next step. This step includes a deep look into the company’s IT infrastructure and the provided technologies. Together with the solution delivery team the Consultant acquires and applies the right tools and technologies to execute the digital transformation step by step. Certainly, this is just an overview of the broad range of objectives a Digital Transformation Consultant is responsible for. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and experiences on kontakt@bchouse.de.

Projects and experiences in Digital Transformation at Business Consulting House

All in all, transformation projects are complex and have their own rules. As a Young Professional at Business Consulting House, the commitment to follow the customer along the change process and support at every point is a key success factor. Communication between all stakeholders is most important as Digital Transformation is a change for the whole organization and the acceptance needs to be at every level. On my current transformation project at BCH my highest objective is to embody a confident partner for the client throughout the whole journey of Digital Transformation and to provide all necessary information to the management to ensure a flawless communication and knowledge transfer. This is the essential key for the project’s success. Furthermore, what indicates customer success for me, is the understanding and welcoming of the transformation by all affected members of the organization.