Young Entrepreneurs

BCH 2 years

Empowering company’s employees to create more value

Business Consulting House as known as BCH, a two-year-old startup company, has been serving more than 15 satisfied clients including 4 DAX companies and 6 major enterprises. How did these young entrepreneurs achieve such fast growth?

An interview

My name is Mandy Jao, marketing manager, I had this great honour to interview the founders on BCH’s 2-year anniversary on how and why they chose the path of starting their own company instead of seeking a job in big corporations.

It all started in the summer of 2016 where our founders were approaching the end of their studies, thinking about combining technology and business consulting.

Within limited time, they set-up their business plan including market segmentation, product portfolio creation, talent sourcing and financial planning. Surprisingly of all things, naming the company took the longest time.

However there had been some hard time. The feedback from friends and colleagues couldn’t have been more diverse! says co-founder Alexander Botar. There were people who gave us their full support as well as people who gave us 6 months until we give up.

By using their prior relationships, visiting business conventions and holding onto the contacts they had developed, BCH won its first project. Gradually they have built their client network, supporters and partners. The growth of BCH had taken a start.

Clients’ feedbacks to our work was great and we were able to slowly but consistently build up our reach in the first half of 2017.

2017 was also the year BCH had its first touch with RPA

(Robotic Process Automation).

“We immediately found our passion in RPA and made it one of our core products.”

Soon enough the second office was opened in Frankfurt.

It’s a great solution to many issues that companies are facing nowadays – minimizing cost, enhancing efficiency and creating more value. Technology Partnerships with Key RPA Enablers like UiPath or Kryon quickly followed.

It is quite intense to work nearly full time on customer projects and developing a company at the same time, but hard work pays off. says co-founder Georgios Charames.

Until the year of 2018, BCH counts already 20 consultants working in over 10 different cities in Germany.

By making the satisfaction of our clients our main priority at all times while always keeping our curious approach to discovering new methods and techniques we continuously grow. – say the founders today.

Today Business Consulting House not only stands for young entrepreneurs but dedicatedly
Innovative Sustainable Solutions.

Happy Birthday BCH.