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About BCH

Business Consulting House

Business Consulting House is a Business Process Automation consulting company. Its services covering each necessary step from the overall idea of automation in a company, to the maintenance of the automated process inside a department. Including Process Automation strategy, concept, enablement and execution.

Our delivered services  always fulfil these three core values: 

Tailor-made Solutions

Our Mission and responsibility

Enable businesses to create lasting value,
stand with the future

“It is our mission and also responsibility to enable businesses to create lasting value, and stand with the future”​

When everything changes while technology advances, businesses must adopt technology and be on transformation mode with no doubt. Embracing new ways of working and integrating machines with human. Our mission is not only to build successful strategy and lasting values for automation but also to prepare it for and stand with the future.​

The constructions of our consulting

characterise our consultants and our approach to every project.

Data analysis

Consulting powered
by the latest technology

We put our focus on innovative End-to-End process consulting and automation, using the latest technologies. We support our clients on their digital transformation journey, starting from their individual automation strategy to the development and maintenance of automated processes. Our partnerships with well reputed and industry-leading Tech Companies allow us to access a wide network of knowledge and support to accomplish our clients’ expectations with the best result.

“ The latest innovations, combined with methods from science and research and our unconventional consulting approach, always put our clients and their needs in the center of our services. 


The latest methods and software solutions enable modern cooperation.


guarantees state-of-the-art technologies and approaches for your success.


Usable, experience-based results deliver long-term success.


An unbiased approach combined with the latest technology.


Mixed teams with different skills deliver valid results.


Enables long-term and successful cooperation.

Our Vision and believe

Giving work a new definition

As young passionate company we have a vision: we want to change the way working is for everybody, give it a new definition. We believe humans are full of possibilities. In business, in daily life, everything is a process. Living it, people should focus energy and time on making creation, interaction with each other instead of the robotic works. 

“We are here to re-define the way people work.​”

The Founders of Business Consulting House

-Founders of Business Consulting House

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Our experienced consultants
>20 satisfied customers
Successfully automated processes

Our Services

Process Automation

Our consulting service

Process automation delivers benefits for your business in many different forms. We serve you with everything you need to leverage new technologies and approaches sustainably. Starting by creating a vision and a target-oriented strategy for your individual needs, we accompany you on your journey to an automated and effective business model. With our expertise and experience in the execution of process automation, we ensure an efficient concept to reach your objectives. 

We design your processes future-proof.

Think forward, act forward.


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