Enabling more COVID-19 tests by reducing the processing time​

An important part of slowing down the COVID-19 virus is to test as many citizens as possible. As recently seen in all affected countries, in addition to the limited number of tests, the duration of these tests is a major challenge. 

COVID-19 Challenge​

Testing one person requires the recording of a lot of personal data and checking whether the person is a new client. The customer’s data must then be stored manually and reported to government agencies. This results in long waiting times in front of the test centers and an immense burden on the essential helpers.​

Solution​: To the Speed

Hospitals can implement an attended robot. This robot helps medical workers by taking the data of the patients and checks in a Citrix environment, whether they are already registered or not. ​

It then stores the test results and sends them to the central authorities. ​

After setting up this robot within only two days, the execution could be shortened from 2-3 minutes to 14-16 seconds.

Results will gain the medical workers and patients much more time, at the same time reduce errors

  • Accelerate badly needed COVID-19 testing​
  • Save 8-9 min. per patient—which adds up when thousands are processed ​
  • Eliminate very costly manual errors​
  • Keep critical workers working​
  • Reduce backlogs in hospitals or other test centers

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