Project Description


Automated AI Classification of Contract Documents

  • Industry: Real estate

  • Business function: Contract Management

  • System: SAP, UiPath

  • Technology: RPA, AI

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KI-Automatisierte Zustimmungserklärung zu Mieterhöhung

Application overview

The process starts when a contract is created and signed…

Automated AI Classification of Contract Documents​ - pre-automation process (simplified)
Automated AI Classification of Contract Documents​ - post-automation process (simplified)
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Key Result Highlights

Through the combination of AI to read contracts, the UiPath Action Center to validate the AI’s results, and the UiPath Unattended robot to sort documents and input the data into SAP, we managed to generate the following improvements:

  • Employees don’t have to manually read through contracts and enter the data into SAP
  • The collection and tracking happen completely digitally and are integrated into the workflow. The manual work of keeping an excel file up to date is completely eliminated.
  • This frees up a significant amount of time for employees so that they can dedicate themselves to more important tasks
  • The error rate is reduced significantly because the additional AI component allows for the implementation of a pre-qualification of the data

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