Building Blocks of Digital Transformation

What is needed

to introduce a new technology in a company? If you say „a lot“ now, then in most cases this is even an understatement. First, it must be distinguished whether it is an addition to software, which is often associated with a comparatively lower effort, or whether a new software should completely replace an outdated system. Due to the ever-faster digital transformation of today and ever shorter development cycles, both are projects that are almost every day in almost every company. Therefore, digital transformation projects usually place high demands on the companies and their management. Whilst complementing the software landscape can still be done by most companies on their own, they often rely on external support for introducing new technologies and replacing obsolete systems, which presents many challenges.

Old systems must be prepared accordingly,
data extracted, if necessary adapted and secured in the format, the new system prepared, tested and switched live.

At the same time, new data is being imported, connected systems adapted and new features introduced. In addition to the entire technical component, however, the organization of the transformation also has to adapt: employees must be trained, blockages must be reduced, new functions advertised and the new software integrated into everyday operation. In conclusion, it is an extensive set of tasks which, if not planned and executed properly, can cause high cost and immense performance loss.


of the new technologies lead to increased customer satisfaction.


of all companies are working on digital transformation projects.


of companies lack experience with digital innovation projects.

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of business is not affected by digital change.

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