Four Significant Benefits of PROMaaS (Process Mining as a Service)

PROMaaS allows you to keep focusing on your primary work while outsourcing process mining analyses. The service can be scaled and constructed to your own individual needs.

1. Process transparency

Creating process transparency very often is a strenuous undertaking and requires personal and time resources. Yet outcomes tend to be somewhat sub-optimal with regards to uncovering hidden variations and, thereby, process costs. However, most of our work today is supported by IT systems which, by using Process Mining technology, offer an intriguing solution to uncovering as-is processes.

2. Unbiased and data-driven decision-making

Process Mining uses log-data from IT systems to reconstruct business processes. This information forms a foundational layer beneath the process and its individual variations and is used for analysis as one dives into the particularities of the process. It is then used to form data-driven decisions based upon the cost estimates provided in the Process Mining tool. Furthermore, organizations can define their preferred efficient process path and inspect how, when, and where the as-is process deviates. This enables management to generate data-driven decisions based on existing information and indicators for effective action prioritization.

3. Effective action prioritization

As touched upon in the second benefit, more transparency and the data-driven approach enables effective prioritization of improvement actions. This is because Process Mining provides a complete picture of your processes and all its underlying information. Actions can therefore be ranked according to how much costs a specific undesired activity or some miscellaneous process influence produces. One further benefit of this holistic yet comprehensive view on processes is the identification of process automation potential which benefit, just as for the other findings, can be calculated and prioritized accordingly. Read How Process Mining empowers Process Automation

4. No resource commitments

Process Mining as a service provides all the benefits of Process Mining in a one-time analysis and furthermore utilizes our expertise in process management to derive tailored recommendations to cost drivers in your processes. It thus helps you to benefit from Process Mining technology while not using up internal resources.