Accelerated hiring process to prevent queues in front of Markets

COVID-19 Challenge​

Supermarkets and other retailers are often dependent on every additional helping hand to supply customers with products. This is why the high, mostly manual share of administrative work is already a challenge during regular operation. Especially in times when queues form in front of the shops, lengthy processes keep system-relevant employees from doing their job. Due to this state of emergency, hiring more employees became a must. However, in the hiring process, checking documents, entering and forwarding data across systems, and other repetitive tasks keep people from working on more value-adding tasks.​


A robot makes it possible to accelerate these process steps by a factor of ten. Automated document verification (police vetting and previous employment status) makes it easier to validate candidates. ​

In addition, robots take over the updating of employee data on the various systems. This means that employees lose less time, which they can now spend on their customers.​

Results & Benefits

  • Speed the hiring process​
  • Keep critical workers working​
  • Reduction of anxiety in the population​
  • Free up the existing staff to focus on the next stages of the hiring processes​