Accelerated Hiring to support the Healthcare system​

COVID-19 Challenge​

Due to the high infection rate of COVID-19, many hospitals are overburdened, doctors and nurses perform unjustifiable work, and yet it is still not enough to provide adequate care for the sick. For this reason, there have been appeals in many countries to support nursing staff. Especially those with medical training are in demand. ​

Many have agreed to help shortly after this call, but the recruitment process is lengthy, as the next step is to check the police clearance certificate and suitability. Since these steps are done manually, the staff is deprived of a lot of time to care for the sick.​


A robot makes it possible to accelerate these process steps by a factor of ten. Automated document verification (police vetting and previous employment status) makes it easier to validate candidates.​

Results & Benefits

  • Speed up the hiring process​
  • Free up the existing staff to focus on the next stages of the hiring processes​

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