Advancing the digitization and automation strategy​

COVID-19 Challenge​

Due to the rapid spread of the virus and the limitations of public life, it is not possible to have direct personal contact with customers to carry out physical operations. For this reason, many companies are looking to digitize and directly automate processes.


To speed up the incorporation of documents and to relieve employees, robots can extract them from mailboxes or upload masks. By combining RPA and artificial intelligence tools such as OCR or NLP, documents enable reading and verification. The data readout can be compared in the customer account and updated if necessary.​

This allows employees to deal more intensively with customers who require assistance on individual topics. This increases both employee and customer satisfaction.​

Results & Benefits

  • The customer doesn’t need to go to the service desk for data updates ​
  • The company saves time to process the data ​
  • Helps digitize the whole organization​