Assurance of sensitive data during remote work​

COVID-19 Challenge​

A major concern that cuts across all industries when it comes to remote working is the security of sensitive data. A high priority should be to ensure that no one else can gain knowledge about sensitive data. Another challenge, especially in remote work, is that employees whose authorizations to access data should be limited, but still get to work on these systems.​


To ensure the security of the data, robots can be exploited that work simultaneously as employees on the same systems. Due to their speed, the robot is always fractions of a second in front of the employee on the navigated screen and can, therefore, make the data unrecognizable. ​

If the process operator, regardless of access rights, need to work with sensitive information, the robot can access this information despite the obfuscation, store it securely and insert it into other systems again unrecognizable. This relieves the employee of the burden of data protection and transfers it to a robot that complies in detail.​

Results & Benefits

  • Assurance of sensitive data and compliance​
  • Enable employees to work unrestricted due to authorizations​
  • Exemption from the risk of working with sensitive data​
  • Enable remote work​