Automation of the cash application process to save capacity​

COVID-19 Challenge​

Like many others, concerned companies had bad experiences with BPO. As a result, the cash application process had to be executed by the company itself, and all Commercial and Medicare claims had to be managed.​

Inhouse, the work was handed over to employees who, due to this repetitive process with a high volume, have to work several hours of overtime every week due to peak volumes and cannot be deployed in a more value-adding manner.​


The automation can use EDI Activity to extract cash details.​

It enables to orchestrate robots to meet peak demand, to deploy, and to scale across two cash teams, resulting in an enormous real-time adjustment of claims in EPIC.​

As the example of a healthcare provider has shown, can this automation result in a 3-day improvement in Days Sales Outsourcing (DSO) and 138,000 hours saved and redistributed to work Denials and Credits. 

Results & Benefits

  • Improvement in DSO ​
  • Automated process to save time ​
  • Meet demand peaks​