Continuous monitoring of employee health without tying up capacities to it​ without capacity commitment

COVID-19 Challenge​

Many companies and agencies are facing to work even harder than usual during this time, which would make significant losses fatal. Monitoring the health of every single employee leads to an enormous additional workload. Moreover, it is impossible to regularly check employees working from home before they return to work to prevent a comeback from the virus. ​


To help companies to contain the disease, a robot can send a daily health survey with a query for body temperature. Besides, a weekly check can be made to ensure that social distancing is adhered to. ​

This enables to create reports that make recommendations on whether the person should work in the office or not.​​

Results & Benefits

  • Ensure staff health and safety ​
  • Visibility on staff location (remote vs. office-based) ​
  • Reduce overhead cost & workload​