Customer Servicing through Virtual Channels​

COVID-19 Challenge​

Due to the public life restrictions initiated as a result of COVID-19, personal customer service had to be discontinued. However, especially for banks, customers are now looking for individual advice and the processing of requests such as charge reversals, waiving fees for delayed payments, and the postponement of monthly payment dates.​

The normal procedure is for an employee to analyze payment behavior and past events and use this as the basis for a decision on the current request. Due to the high number of requests and the specific nature of the situation in which customers find themselves, long waiting times and processing errors occur.​


By moving the personal service to virtual channels, customer data and requests are now recorded through chatbots or online forms. ​

By using an unattended robot, digital inquiries can be automatically entered into the respective systems, analyzed, and assigned to the responsible employee. ​

In the following, the specialist uses robots to access the customer’s past activities and recognize patterns more quickly. ​

This enables the employee to make the correct judgment on the case and approve or reject the requests accordingly.​

Results & Benefits

  • Ensure business continuity during the influx of transactions​
  • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction​
  • Average AHT saves: 25 – 40%​
  • Effort reduction: 60 – 100%​