Enable to prevent dense crowds to avoid the spread of COVID-19​

COVID-19 Challenge​

Special emphasis is currently placed on curfews and the reduction of social contact in order to control the spread of COVID-19. However, technical methods that prevent the spread from accelerating again as soon as the restrictions are reduced must be worked on as early as possible. ​

Particularly critical are public places where many people normally stay, such as parks or city centers. However, the means of transport and the places they connect also fall into this category. In order to be able to take preventive measures to avoid dense crowds of people, large amounts of data such as booking data must be processed and evaluated. This is done in such a volume that it exceeds the capacity of employees ​


For this purpose, robots can be used to extract the booking data in real-time and analyze how many people will be in the affected means of transport or at the start or destination. From this data, conclusions can be drawn as to whether a critical level has been reached and which countermeasures should be initiated.​

Results & Benefits

  • Mitigate the risk of infection​
  • Reduce manual work for employees​
  • Reduce manual errors​