Enabling employee travel despite possible restrictions​

COVID-19 Challenge​

While it is obligatory in France to carry official documents when leaving the house for on-premise work, German citizens are still free to move with permits.  

Should, however, the German government to decide to take actions similar to those in France, employee data can automatically be filled into official governmental form by extracting the required information from databases or Excel files.


The solution is to use a robot to fill in the fields of the mandatory document based on a simple Excel file. ​

While an employee would have to search for the data for this monotonous work and then enter it manually, The robot will only take around 10 seconds.  

Afterward, the document can be processed further manually

Results & Benefits

  • Reduce manual labor; decreasing workload ​
  • Speed up tasks ​
  • More authorized travelers on the road ​
  • Eliminate fines for travelers​