Enabling more revenue-generating client outreach by automating the processing of trade allocations​

COVID-19 Challenge​

The general trend for more and more people across all asset classes to invest more in the global capital markets is increasing the volume for the employees who have to carry out these transactions. The number of purchases and sales has also risen by 600%, mainly due to COVID-19, which is causing the capital markets to fluctuate. The volume of swap trades is also increasing. The non-automated process at many banks provides for the exchange of swap trades by phone. This trade subsequently requires 6-18 manual entries across three different systems, depending on the specification. Due to the many manual steps, much time is spent on registration and control. This is a burden, especially in times of increased transaction volumes.​


An automated process can enable for all details to be entered into a shared spreadsheet during the phone call. ​

This information can be accessed by a robot, which then enters the data into three different systems. ​

Also, a specific report can automatically be generated for each order.​

Results & Benefits

  • 100% of the process automated after initial entry​
  • 90% reduction in booking errors that led to settlement issues​
  • More time spent on revenue-generating client outreach​