Enabling non-delayed and unrestricted work from home​

COVID-19 Challenge​

COVID-19 has the potential to change the nature of work forever. Due to the pressure to work from home, companies, for the first time, had to enable employees to work remotely – to the detriment of the ongoing business. Due to the suddenness of the requirements, no suitable process could be defined in advance. As a result, entire departments were busy performing simple manual procedures for all employees to enable them to work from home. This, in turn, caused a delay in business.​


Robots make it easy and fast to set up the necessary environment for the employees as soon as this is desired. ​

Through automation, both equipment and VPNs can be registered to the user at any time and without any errors. ​

Employee IDs can also be quickly associated with recently purchased equipment.​

Results & Benefits

  • Faster setups​
  • Pressure ease on employees​
  • Reduce manual errors​