Ensuring business continuity by identifying process and automation capabilities​

COVID-19 Challenge​

Due to the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, both tourists and business travelers are no longer able to travel. Worldwide, it is expected that approximately 48200 flights will be canceled, resulting in 10.2 million unbooked seats. ​

As a result, airlines had to reduce their services, causing a drastic drop in sales and short-time working for many employees. Due to the lack of workforce, some tasks remain unfinished and form a future backlog.​

Companies in all sectors are complaining about such backlogs, which are currently being created by short-time working or inefficient working from home.​


In this case, the struck companies can use attended and unattended automations within finance and accounting (F&A), supply chain, HR, and IT ops to ensure business continuity with fewer employees and improved process efficiency. Identified process opportunities include crew scheduling, operations control, baggage handling, booking, billing and settlements, and network planning.​

Results & Benefits

  • Ensure business continuity ​
  • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction ​
  • Reduce operating costs ​
  • Operational efficiency​


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