Maintaining a high level of fast service and information for concerned customers​

COVID-19 Challenge​

Due to the current situation and the new kind of disease, many uncertainties and questions have arisen in the population. As the most reliable source of information are the healthcare providers, their information centers are currently completely overloaded and on the verge of collapse. Moreover, among all the requests, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prioritize those that need care over simple requests for information.​​


The providers can use software that clustered and prioritized the requests during these times. Besides, robots can be used to provide faster information to customers/members. The robot enables relevant and personalized information about available health benefits, the closest test station, or tips for staying healthy based on the medical history. All this happens by automatically extracting and providing data on different systems within a few seconds.​

Results & Benefits

  • Provide timely patient care​
  • Deliver important health information to members​
  • Reduce the volume of inquiries​
  • Lessen pressure on call centers​

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