Speeding up the Sample Analysis and Diagnosis of patients​

COVID-19 Challenge​

To be able to make a faster and more accurate diagnosis for the patient, healthcare centers can create a survey application for mobile or PC to help make a preliminary diagnosis. This allows patients to be clustered, which in turn allows the subsequent personal treatment to be more precise.​

However, the user information must be transferred to two main platforms, tying more than 20 data entry specialists. Only afterwards can these specialists make forecasts based on the data. There is no API integration between the two systems, which would simplify the data transfer.​


In order to relieve the specialists and release them for more value-added work, we can create an automation system where the robot automatically enters the information into the various systems and thereby significantly accelerates the entire process.​

Results & Benefits

  • Quicker patient diagnosis​
  • Free up specialists for other tasks​
  • Reduce cycle times

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