Optimize the purchase-to-pay process with Process Mining

Case Study: Understand complex processes through Process Mining, develop robust process metrics and implement data-driven improvement measures!

Process Mining for the Purchase-to-Pay Prozess @ Hawe Hydraulik

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Process Mining: Understanding & Optimizing Processes

The organization and structure of processes in a company is the prerequisite for efficient work and consistent quality. Essential business processes are clearly defined in most companies, but in business practice, deviations from the target process still occur – for example, due to special cases that have not been considered, insufficient qualification of personnel, or unforeseen external influences. The consequences of unknown ACTUAL processes are manifold:

  • Process optimization measures come to nothing
  • Errors and their causes cannot be identified or quantified
  • Automation projects are set up with false assumptions
  • Shadow processes can potentially lead to problems with data protection and compliance.

Process Mining identifies these deviations. Process Mining refers to the computer-aided recording of real ACTUAL processes in a company.

Process Mining Case Study: Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process under the digital magnifying glass

HAWE Hydraulik SE was also faced with the problem of recording the ACTUAL processes. In the course of the digitization roadmap, the Purchase-to-Pay process was identified as a process with optimization potential. The first step was to use Process Mining to better understand the process.

In our case study you can read how we:

  • use modern process mining tools to analyze the P2P process systematically and completely
  • develop robust metrics by uncovering the key drivers of the process and make them centrally accessible to all users
  • create the basis for further optimization & automation projects through precise knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the ACTUAL process

Process Mining: The Basis for Lean Processes & Effective Process Optimization

Digitalization is driving the reorganization of value chains in all industries. For companies, this is a challenge, but also an opportunity. The case of HAWE Hydraulik shows how Process Mining paves the way for further automation of complex end-to-end processes. With Process Mining you get an accurate picture of the real processes in the company and thus create the prerequisite for competitive structures and effective processes.

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