Prozessautomatisierung Konzept Concept. Foundation of a Sustainable Approach Roles & responsibilities, structures, and
      processes for your process automation projects
Roadmap for automation in your company Efficient technical framework for the realization
      of your automation strategy
Governance concept for process automation

Process Automation


A tailor-made concept creates a tangible vision and precise measurements to achieve the targets and follow the defined strategy. In this phase, the foundation of a sustainable approach is set. Including not only the operational framework of the introduction of process automation but also a clear picture of the next steps, the concept phase is helping to align the relevant stakeholder.

Business Process Automation Concept

Organizational and Processual Concept 

By analyzing the workforce available for process automation, we introduce you to possible organizational structures for the implementation of process automation. With defined roles and responsibilities plus a concept on how to manage the human workforce, processes are elaborated to ensure organized and effective execution. The concepts realize the ideas of the operating model defined in the strategy. 

Roles & responsibilities for your process automation projects

Core-, management- and support-processes for your operating model

Complete design of organization to leverage automation

Business Process Automation Concept – Organizational and Processual Concept

Technical Infrastructure 

Design of technical framework for your automation strategy

Deployment of your automation software

Configuration of databases ensuring IT security and compliance 


Tool supported process automation always includes a concept for the technical infrastructure. Regarding the chosen software and the target operating model, the right technical framework can increase efficiency and save costs. In contrast, a not wellconceived framework limits the possibilities of the operating model. With this concept, it is essential to take the scaling options into account for future improvement. 


Finding the balance between gapless governance and efficient organization and processes can be challenging. Considering the compliance requirements and internal knowledge managementit is vital to create a secure governance model without disregarding the time-to-market of automated processes. We tailor you a logical governance structure according to your requirements enabling the successful scaling of process automation. 

Governance concept for process automation

Steering and administration of automation projects

Compliance concept for automation

Business process automation planning consulting service

Automation Planning 

After setting up the framework, the next steps can be planned on a detailed level. Analyzing the process landscape and functions, we work together to set up your first scope for automation and the scaling plan. The scope to include the automation approach, prioritized processes, and departments promotes the first success stories of process automation in your company. 

Roadmap for automation in your company

Analysis of your process landscape and business functions

Specific automation plan to reach your set objectives

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