Execution. Operation of the Concepts After the introduction of the automation approach, the actual operation of the
concepts and development of processes start.
With first success stories and realized benefits through automation,
the elaborated strategy and concepts gain more trust and acceptance.
We accompany you in the management of your process automation, their development,
review, or maintenance and provide you state of the art
methodologies that leverage your benefits.

Process Automation


Automation Management

To control the achievement of set objectives, the management of process automation projects is the key. The automation of processes in departments or teams needs management as well as the overarching process automation initiative in your company. With monitoring the projects, the concept operating model can be continuously improved, and the target achievement controlled.

Automation Preparation

With the scope set, we identify potential automations and optimizations in the specific business functions or units in your company. By creating a roadmap with prioritized optimizations and automations, the next steps are established, and commitment can be built. The prepared processes in the roadmap support a controlled approach to reach the defined targets.

Development and Rollout

The execution of automations includes setting up the target process, developing, testing the automation, and the rollout. For each of these steps, we can provide you best practices and definitions of standards to increase efficiency and governance. Our expertise ensures you stable automations and expertly designed target processes according to your requirements.

Service and Maintenance

After the introduction of automations sooner or later processes and used software change, which requires the maintenance of the developed automation. We accompany you to keep track of pending changes and plan maintenance and service periods to bring the automation back on track effectively. Minimizing the downtimes of automated processes is the highest priority and directly linked to maintenance management.

Automation journey

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