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What is DPA?


PA enables the automated execution of digitized business processes or tasks.

It describes the creation and implementation of applications and workflows that streamline and automate missing interfaces between legacy systems. 

DPA software solutions include applications that build the bridge between systems and users, simplifying the workflow that replaces the manual business process. 

How DPA Benefits Your Business

From external to internal experience

Boost the general performance of your business

Be available for your customer

Optimise your internal operation

Field of application of DPA

The field of use of DPA strongly depends on the solution provider. Mainly DPA builds workflows to automate business processes with digitized input and is thus applicable to a variety of processes in companies. The software solutions provide templates and workflows for popular business processes such as business travel management, accounts payable, contract management, or employee onboarding. Workflows not covered up by the templates can be provided quickly with the low-code feature of DPA solutions.

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