We create the base for you to manage your own automation journey efficiently.

As process automation gets more relevant businesses are eager to build sustainable structures that enable them to profit the most from process automation. By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we create the base for you to manage your own automation journey efficiently. Implementing the elaborated concepts, we enable not only the workforce to execute and organise automation but also the processes and the business to be automated. Together we create and introduce the tailor-made automation environment to your company and its stakeholder.

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Top Topics In Automation Enablement

Training and Knowledge management for Automation

Training and Knowledge Management

The relatively new topic of process automation requires knowledge transfer not only to raise awareness but also to enable you to manage your automation journey. By initiating the process automation program with workshops, trainings, and focus-trainings for the specific target groups, we ensure an effective kick-off. We introduce the operating model, tools, and best practices to all roles and responsibilities directly linked to the process automation program and the stakeholder of your company, including technical trainings for the developer and business analysts.

What is included?
  • Building a sustainable knowledge management

  • Training for understanding and optimizing processes

  • Technical training for development, testing, and maintenance of automation solutions

Change Management

With the implementation of process automation, the defined strategy, and the introduced operating model, many changes are taking place in your company. To minimize risks, we engage and enable your stakeholder and your team to manage these changes and provide the framework necessary for the overall successful implementation of process automation.

What is included?
  • Change Management process for sustainable implementation

  • Increasing employee satisfaction and interaction

  • Successful evaluation of the influence of automation on the process landscape

Process Optimization and Preparation

The nature of process automation provides the opportunity for you to take a step back and remodel the process to be automated. With the new tools, you are getting more possibilities to design your target process to increase efficiency, and we can show you how. The implementation of process automation opens new doors to process optimization initiatives and not only to prepare processes for automation.

What is included?
  • Governance concept for process automation

  • Steering and administration of automation projects

  • Compliance concept for automation

Process Optimization and Preparation for Automation

Enhancement of the Operating Model

By introducing the newly conceived organization and processes first experiences about the used tools, methods and models can be gathered. That is substantial for the continuous improvement of a sustainable operating model. With the improved and enhanced of standards and environments, we ensure and optimize the success of every step in the automation journey.

What is included?
  • Re-evaluation of used tools and methods

  • Improvement of the operating model

  • Adjustment of targets and their measurement

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