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What is RPA?


PA is a revolution in business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots or on artificial intelligence /digital workers.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation), a new form of process automation, or robotisation, offers its users the option of having individual sections or even entire processes executed by software. The so-called „robots“ are customized programs that work independently on company computers and within the desired applications after programming, just as an employee would.

How RPA Benefits Your Business

The advantages of RPA

RPA Capacity and Field of Application

The robots are not limited to individual applications or data types.

The robots can act on existing user interfaces. front-end or back-end, where they will read independently, interpret and evaluate the data. With the ability of data processing, the robots can then execute a series of actions such as sending emails, create evaluations and much more.

Thanks to the structured and consistent approach, RPA is particularly suitable for:

  • data-intensive processes

  • rule-based and frequently recurring tasks in companies that previously had to be processed manually by employees
  • relieving employees of monotonous work and thereby increase their focus on value-adding tasks
  • significantly accelerating process execution times
  • ensuring consistent and maximum error-free processing
  • guaranteeing 24/7 availability
  • amortisation within the first year in most cases

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