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The Guidance and Commitment of a Strategy are Crucial for the Success of Internal Automation Projects.


utomation is often being planted in the digital and even in the corporate strategy.

The goal is to elaborate an individual sustainable strategy reflecting your company’s degree of maturity as well as its expectations. With the process automation strategy, you provide guidance and targets to be aligned with during the implementation of process automation.

  • Visualise every possible outcome for the entire company’s digital transformation.
  • Make the long-term plan transparent and ensure sustainable result.

  • Set automation priorities and connect strategy to execution.

Top Topics In Automation Strategy

Create a Vision

Visions always empower and drive companies towards their goals. With the significant impact process automation could have on your business, a vision referring to its implementation success reinforces the purpose of implementing process automation. With the first insights of your company and its structure, we provide you relevant knowledge and experience about process automation and its innovations for a clear view of the current market. Together we create an image of your company in your own built automation era.

What is included?
  • A vision for process automation in your company 

  • Evaluation of the potential for automation

  • Specific benefits of automation for your company

Targeting and Measurement

As promoting automation to a strategic priority, it is inevitable to set targets and define ways of measurement. With the vision ahead and our knowledge and expertise, we support you in finding the balance between realistic and ambitious objectives, to define KPIs accordingly and to set the scope and timeline for your individual automation journey.

What is included?
  • Target setting for process automation in your company

  • Target measurement and planning to ensure reaching your objectives

  • Defined KPIs to track performance and efficiency of your automation

Operating Model

The essence of a sustainable and successful introduction of process automation is an effective operating model. By clarifying the strategical questions on how to deliver the most value to your beneficiaries, we build in cooperation the foundation for a sustainable approach. A clear view is necessary for an early phase to ensure effective first steps.

What is included?
  • The base of sustainable and efficient automation

  • Design of an operating model for automation

  • Framework for the planning, building and running of process automation

What is included?
  • Choosing the right technology for process automation

  • Market overview and call for providers

  • Evaluation and choice of tools and provider

Choose the Right Technology and Vendor

Technologies and software provider for process automation are in abundance. Each technology and each software having its unique features and application abilities aggravates the decision. We save you the effort of screening the whole process automation market by providing a choice of tools and technologies matching your needs and promising the best solution for your challenges.

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