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PROMaaS Process Mining as a Service

Process Mining is the Fastest, most cost-efficient way to thrive process transparency throughout any IT systems.


ur PROMaaS (Process Mining as a Service) is designed for efficiency and flexibility. PROMaaS model allows you to focus on your primary work while outsourcing Process Mining analyses.

The service can be scaled and constructed to your own individual needs from data extraction, transformation, towards complete process mining reports including identified improvement potentials and action recommendations.

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How does PROMaaS work?

Process Mining is proved to be excellent for process analysis and foundation for automation

Process mining has become an integral part of the automation journey. It identifies process potentials more effectively by utilizing already available digital information from diverse IT systems to provide full transparency and deep insights into existing business processes.


This is achieved by visualizing processes and enabling a diverse range of filter options to retrieve all available information for root-cause analyses. You will get optimization recommendations without the need to draw employees from their daily tasks to commit to this initiative.

Whats is Process Mining as a Service for?

Key Benefits of PROMaaS

PROMaaS brings benefits across all segments without own license costs and without additional IT efforts for implementation and operation.

BCH Automation

Process Mining is the next step in the evolution of process management.

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