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Process Automation Consulting

Our consulting services for Process Automation including DPA, RPA, AI & IPA. Process Automation is beyond the implementation of technology. We think forward and act forward. Successful automation is combined with sustainability & scalability. It evolves from a vision and includes significant steps in Strategy, Concept, Enablement, and Execution. 

The first step & the key to sustainable automation success

Prozessautomatisierung Konzept

Ensure effectiveness and governance for your business from the first day

Business Process Automation Enablement

Empowering you to drive & improve your own approach to automation

Sustainable implementation of automation & the best solution

Finance Centred Automation Whitepaper

This Whitepaper collects and consolidates the latest research on technological disruptions, innovation in automation, the different automation techniques, and use cases in the financial sector.

RPA HR Whitepaper


This Whitepaper serves the purpose to pool HR and Robotic Process Automation technology expertise and inform the reader about their cross-disciplinary application in HR departments.

COVID-19 Automation Solution

Hyperautomation solutions

Building your Future-enterprise

The digital age opens opportunities to leverage your business and reimagine your current boundaries. We show you the impact of new technologies and automation on your processes and the possibilities to scale your business with the right approach. Building your individual strategy and realizing it with a sustainable concept is our promise. 

We keep up with innovations and the latest technologies to support you on your way to lead the future. Let’s build your success story together and find out the vast possibilities of automation in your business and processes. 


Rethink the possibility.

Scale Empower your automation

The new technologies make process automation easier and more effective than ever before. They not only decrease process time and increase quality but also allow companies to rethink and optimize the processes with the possibilities of automation. With the new technologies, you can automate tasks, sub-processes, or even end-to-end processes. 

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time spent on monotonous tasks80%
automatable paid activities45%
reduced costs compared to offshore workers66%
annual growth in the RPA market till 202060%

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by working on existing systems without interfaces.


through predefined, consistent working methods.


through software-driven input and faster actions.


through scalable manpower and increased focus on value creation.


through consistent availability and operational readiness.


by greatly reduced costs compared to other software solutions

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A new survey shows the impact of COVID-19 on the adoption and investment of automation

Survey based on 160 decision-makers at the manager level or above from operations groups, shared services, finance/accounting, and other lines of business from the United States, Europe, and Japan in the recent survey “The Future of Work: A Pandemic Spotlight” carried out by Forrester Consulting on behalf of our RPA technology partner UiPath.

A new round of financing drives the value of UiPath up to $ 10.2 billion – EU’s most valuable start up

RPA Market leader UiPath announced on July 13, 2020, that it closed a $225 million Series E round, reaching $10.2 billion in valuation.

Finance Centred Automation Whitepaper

This whitepaper collects and consolidates the latest research on technological disruptions, innovation in automation, the different automation techniques, and use cases in the financial sector.