Transparent key figures for sending orders in 2 weeks thanks to Process Mining

Process Mining Case Study: Systematically recording and analyzing order dispatch through Process Mining & creating the basis for optimization.

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Case study

Unknown processes as a barrier to innovation

Digitization is increasing complexity in the process landscape of all companies. Instead of using a single channel, processes such as sending orders, customer care, or new customer acquisition run through various digital and analog channels. As a result, there is a lack of up-to-date key performance indicators that map performance and in turn lay the foundation for further optimization.

Most companies today are still a long way from the ideal of a paperless office with end-to-end digital processes. The more data is available and processed digitally, the easier it is to implement complex processes in digital systems.

Case Study: Systematically recording the sending of orders across channels with Process Mining

Our customer wanted to maximize the number of orders sent electronically to suppliers. Previously, contact with suppliers was primarily mediated via fax and telephone. Each order thus tied up resources for the preparation, dispatch and follow-up of each order. However, until now, there was no systematic recording of order dispatch across the various channels.

By using Process Mining, we were able to systematically capture all orders by mail, post, fax and other means across all channels.

  • Reliable key figures for all shipping channels
  • Fact-based foundation for further optimization and digitization of the order shipping process
  • Systematically track process performance over time

Reliable key figures through Process Mining

No digitization and no automation without the systematic recording of the real ACTUAL processes in the company. Process Mining brings order to your processes. By visualizing the ACTUAL state, we create the basis for comprehensive automation projects with a short-term ROI.

  • Comprehensive transparency: Through Process Mining, you record all process steps and thus obtain a complete overview of the process in its entirety.
  • Better key performance indicators: No meaningful KPI without complete information – through Process Mining you close data gaps and create better key figures
  • Cornerstone for optimization and automation: Process Mining makes inefficiencies visible and creates the basis for automating individual process steps with RPA
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