UiPath Frankfurt Chapter

Long waited, Frankfurt finally turned a UiPath Chapter!

We have met many innovative and forward-thinking people throughout the business as an Automation and AI focused company. Whether it’s the developers, consultants or the business experts and executives. Each person carries knowledge and experiences from different perspective of the projects. It always pumps our spirit to hear ideas and even questions from them. As the technology advances rapidly, different insights, needs or rules appear. We know that only through constant communication, practice, brainstorming and keeping up with every possible update of the innovations can we provide the best solutions for our clients and our team. And that is what we do.

Therefore, we are truly trilled when we know that Fassih Fariwar, our Head of Automation, is going to open and become the Lead of UiPath Frankfurt Chapter – the first official local UiPath Community in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to the events that will allow all like-minded individuals to meet, share and get inspired locally and online.

As we talked to Fassih about his plans for the Frankfurt Chapter, we really couldn’t agree more. Below we have collected some of our conversation. Let’s hear him.

What is your original thought while deciding to lead the UiPath Frankfurt Chapter and what is your vision for this community?

“As I can see in our daily project business and surely in the innovational work as Head of Automation at BCH, having a network of like-minded people and experts is incredibly valuable. Whether in the search for best practices, a healthy discussion about new ideas and innovations, or just a casual chat about the current automation market, a community of people who share a passion for automation will be available.

Creating this community and providing a platform for it is my vision as the Chapter Lead in Frankfurt.

I strongly believe that UiPath has one of its USPs in its community. You can feel the spirit and drive of creating and nurturing such a network in the online forums and every single event of UiPath. It would be an honor to contribute to extending this great feature of the company, especially in Frankfurt.”

What is the goal and for whom is the UiPath Frankfurt Chapter?

“I’m sure that many companies, just like us in BCH, built an internal community and drive ideas and bring up topics to discuss, demo showcases, and present innovations that would highly leverage from a UiPath Chapter in Frankfurt.

Therefore it would be my goal to catch everybody as passionate about automation and especially UiPath, as us and find the people that are not yet and let them be part of it, feel the spirit, and get sucked into the world of automation.

I am convinced that live events with exciting content are the best platform for this while allowing remote people to join. Nowadays, it’s inevitable to keep in touch virtually, which can liven up the community outside of the live events. Just like the UiPath events, the essence of these get-togethers is the content, the people, and their dedication. So it would be my duty to create an agenda with the community that does not leave a second thought on joining and spreads the word like wildfire.

Everyone in the network should be motivated to form and contribute to the community, just as I am motivated to get to the people.”

What will be the topics of the UiPath Frankfurt Chapter’s events?

“The topics should be target group-oriented, for example, for new joiners of the automation game: How to start with UiPath and leverage the application of the different tools, what’s essential for a successful operating model, the identification of automation potentials, etc.

And of course, for more professionals: Exchange of best practices and case studies for the different tools (especially innovations and newer products like task mining or integrations), implementation of artificial intelligence to exceed RPA boundaries, discussion of new products and updates, or to share current difficulties and challenges and find inspiration to solve them.”

Powerful network and resources

What is UiPath Community?

UiPath as the leader of the automation market, its community offers powerful resources.

On UiPath Community Page, you can find:

  • The latest product information
  • Community forum: Platform for all people to post, answer and discuss about automation and AI topics
  • Community Blog: latest news, update, and tutorials
  • Academy: Free RPA courses
  • Insider preview: Early accesses to new builds
  • Certification: Globally recognized RPA credentials

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