RPA & HR Whitepaper
– Use cases for modern HR departments

Robotic Process Automation & Modern Human Resources White Paper
RPA HR Whitepaper


  • HR Structures and Best Practices
  • Use Cases: RPA and Human Resources
  • RPA Use Cases in Human Resources
  • RPA for Employee Verification
  • Summary
  • Our HR transformation experts
  • Works cited
Georgios Charames, Partner, Advisory at Business Consulting House

von Georgios Charames
Partner | Advisory

Arnold Kinzel, Process Automation Consultant in Business Consulting House

von Arnold Kinzel
Consultant | Advisory

15/01/2020 | Frankfurt am Main

Purpose of this Whitepaper

Expertise meets passion

Human Resources is often one of the most dynamic departments in any firm since it is subject to diverse internal and external influences. Within the last years, Business Consulting House has gathered expertise andinsights into some of Germany’s top HR departmentsincluding DAX30 companies.

With this Whitepaper, Business Consulting House aims at clarifying some of the changes taking place in HR departments nowadays as well as providing Use Case examples and suggestions that demonstrate how HR can use Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to overcome some of the difficulties of the present and embrace the future.

Business Consulting House, in cooperation with its technology partners, holds expertise at the interface between Human Resources, its organizational structures, and modern technologies like RPA and AI. This Whitepaper serves the purpose to pool HR and technology expertise and inform the reader about their cross-disciplinary application in HR departments.

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